Airtime balance pay (Fortumo)

The Airtime voucher pay will only be available between 10AM and 5PM on Mondays to Fridays. If you must pay through airtime outside these time frames, you can do so using your airtime balance through the Fortumo payment method – you need to recharge your voucher onto your SIM card first. Here is how to use Fortumo:

NB. Vodacom’s system currently down until further notice. Please use this service with non-Vodacom SIM cards in the mean time.

1. Locate the ROM you need and click ‘Request the link‘ – Then on the Checkout page, choose Fortumo (Airtime balance pay) (see the screenshot below)

2. Click Place order

3. Wait to be redirected to Fortumo’s payment page (see the screenshot below)

4. Enter the cell number you wish to have the R50 airtime deducted from without the preceding ‘0’ and click OK (see the screenshot below)

5. Open your SMS app and send an SMS (STD rate apply) to 37254 with just the word: FOR (see the screenshot below)

6. You will soon receive an SMS asking you to confirm deduction

7. Click to reply to that SMS > and simply reply with the word: Yes (see the screenshot below)

8. After sending the reply, you will soon receive a confirmation SMS and an email containing your link


NOTE (only for ported cell numbers)

It appears that the Fortumo system has issues with numbers that are ported from one carrier to the other. The solution to which is to transfer the airtime to a non-ported number and use it to place your order.


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