Rom files Swapping

If you have any ROMs, flash files or firmware files that appears on the list below, then I can swap for it for any 3 files of your choice from my list/collection. Yes you get to choose 3 files from my list/collection for every file you share with me. The list below is subject to expansion. You can contact me from here regarding the swap.

Preferred ROM Formats

  • MTK ROMs should be in scatter .txt or .bin format
  • Spreadtrum in a .pac (CM2 sc.pac also possible) or .bin format
  • Qualcomm ROMs should be in ADB format or stock/factory
  • AllWinner ROMs should be in a .img format
  • Intel ROMs should be in a Flash.xml format

ROMs or flash Files I Currently Need

  1. Azumi  Kirei A45 D Sourced
  2. Hisense HS-F22
  3. Hisense HS-F10
  4. Hisense HS-F23
  5. Hisense Hs-F21
  6. Image Mobile Cabana Traded
  7. Boost Mobile Pulse Jive tab
  8. Boost Mobile Pulse Smartphone
  9. Mobicel Sapphire (stock)
  10. Mobicel U2 (stock)
  11. AG Freedom E
  12. AG Freedom E-TAB
  13. AG Freedom LTE
  14. Hurricane Chirp
  15. Sinotec S700 (not S7200)
  16. Telefunken TELC-93GIQ (stock)
  17. Mobicel Zen (stock)
  18. Mobicel Fever (stock)
  19. Dunns Mobile Smarty
  20. Mint Fox (M3CRD) Dual SIM version
  21. Mobicel Shift 2
  22. Mobicel R9 PLUS
  23. Mobicel R9 LITE
  24. Stylo VS5502 Traded
  25. Stylo S551 Sourced
  26. Netsurfer Flash Traded
  27. Mobicel PURE Plus
  28. Mobicel Trendy Plus