Gtel X7 Infinity Plus firmware or ROM (Non-stock)

R30 / $5.00 (or 2 credits)

  • Non-stock firmware, ROM or flash file
  • Non-Gtel branded ROM (just the boot logo, animation and UI theme )
  • Approved/Tested (We offer no email support for tested ROMs)
  • File size is 1.31GB
  • Malware verified (Factory file)
  • NB. Ignore all other files and internet links after extracting your firmware achieve/file
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • For ROMs not marked as 'Malware verified', install and scan the device with the Malwarebytes app after flashing. Read more on this here

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The ROM is not Gtel branded but that is just the boot logo and animation