30 days ROM files access subscription

R150 / $10

  • Subscribe for a 30 days file access plan
  • Request any of the 220+ file links for 30 days
  • Get access to any newer files added within the same 30 days
  • This offer is subject to a fair-usage-limit of 2 requests per day
  • Real-time email support only available for files that are not fully tested (including those marked as ‘Status unknown)
  • Airtime payments not legible for this offer unfortunately (only R100 or $8 in cash)
  • This offer is worth $120/R1200 ūüôā
  • Go here to find out more information on how the subscription system works
  • Below are some of the file links you can request for¬† within the 30 days period
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • Are you a technician with ROMs collection of your own? Then lets swap instead

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Available files

  1. AG Boost
  2. AG Chacer:
    CWM/TWRP Custom recovery (for data wiping)
  3. AG Chrome Go-Tab 7.0:    (Optional Updates)
  4. AG Chrome Plus:
  5. AG Chrome Selfie
  6. AG Chrome Selfie reset tool:
  7. AG Chrome Swift:
  8. AG Chrome Ultra:
  9. AG Chrome Vibe:
  10. AG Everlast:  (ROM)
    Reset instructions:
  11. AG Flair:
    Google Acc reset tool:
  12. AG Freedom AccessStatus unknown
  13. AG GhostStatus unknown
  14. AG Glow:
    Google acc reset:
  15. AG Go-Tab Access:
  16. AG Go-Tab Access 2Not tested
  17. AG HashtagStatus unknown
  18. AG Rage:
  19. AG StyleStatus unknown
  20. AG Swift Plus:
  21. AG Ultra 2
  22. AG Zenith:
  23. AG Zone
  24. AG Zoom (4.4 Kitkat)
  25. AG Zoom (5.1 Lollipop)Status unknown
    Google acc reset tool:
  26. Alcatel Mobile Upgrade(Alcatel)   Find more for other models here:
  27. Alcatel OT 4027X
  28. Astrum TAB 7.0 3G PRO
  29. Azapen A732 (non-stock)
  30. Blaupunkt ETAB M7023GStatus unknown
  31. Boost Shaker Beat 6″ tab:
  32. Boost Striker Play 7″ tab:
  33. Boost Vodacome Boost Tablet 7″ (Verssed branded):
  34. Cell C DeluxeStatus unknown
  35. Cell C Empire
  36. Cell C Evolve
  37. Cell C JazzNot tested
  38. Cell C Summit
  39. Citrus Essence Tablet:  (ROM 1)  (ROM 2)Status unknown
  40. Citrus PrimeNot tested
  41. Citrus SensationNot tested
  42. Dixon W460Q (MT6582)Status unknown
  43. Dunns Mobile 703GDC:  Non-stock ROM:
  44. Dunns  Mobile AT6950:
  45. Dunns Mobile RD251:
  46. Dunns Mobile SlingStatus unknown
  47. FNB Conexis A1: (ROM 1)  (ROM 2)
    SPD Upgrade Tool:
  48. FNB Conexis X1:
  49. Fondi T602B: 6 inch pamplet
  50. Fondi T702 ELINK MY706_V2:
  51. Fondi T708B with MT6572:
  52. Fondi T708B with MT6582:  (Scatter+BiN ROM)
    SP Tool ROM:
  53. Fondi T725B: (file has a half responsive touchscreen issue)Status unknown
  54. Haus JS-T706:
  55. Hisense D2-F Status unknown
  56. Hisense F20 (F20-1)    Flash Tool Status unknown
  57. Hisense U601:
    Flashing tutorial:
  58. Hisense U601S:
  59. Hisense HS-U989 Pro:
  60. HomeChoice HCAT-01AStatus unknown
  61. HomeChoice HCAT 01PAStatus unknown
  62. Hisense HS-U602:
    Google Acc reset tool
  63. Hisense U962Not tested
  64. Huawei Ascend Y220-U00:
  65. Hurricane FREEDOM:
  66. Hurricane Rush Not tested
  67. Hurricane Spirirt:
  68. Hurricane SprintStatus unknown
  69. Hurricane Swirl
  70. Hurricane Vegas
  71. Hurricane VoltNot tested
  72. Image Mobile RioStatus unknown
  73. Mecer 800P31C (MT6582):
  74. Mint Clover (M4CR)
  75. Mint Fox (M3CR)
  76. Mint Pearl (M5CR)
  77. Mint M7 Sapphire 7″:
  78. Mobicel 4U Not tested
  79. Mobicel Ace:
  80. Mobicel Air (MT6592):  (Mobicel branded)  (Blu branded)
  81. Mobicel ArcNot tested
  82. Mobicel BladeNot tested
  83. Mobicel BerryNot tested
  84. Mobicel Force reset tool:
    Reset files:
    Reset tool guide:
  85. Mobicel Candy MTK: (Mobicel branded)
    (Wiko branded)   TWRP Recovery
    (Google acc reset):
  86. Mobicel Candy SPD:
    FRP reset:
  87. Mobicel Cosmo Status unknown
  88. Mobicel Cherry Dual SIM (P9120-04-V1.0):
  89. Mobicel Cherry (SINGLE SIM):
  90. Mobicel Clicka: ROM (2015 Nov model):
    Flashtool & Driver:
    ROM (2014 Aug & 2015 jul model):  Reset files:  Reset tool guide:
  91. Mobicel Echo 10″:
  92. Mobicel Frio TWRP Recovey:
  93. Mobicel Frio: (Wiko branded)  (Stock)
  94. Mobicel GEM:
    Google reset tool:
  95. Mobicel Hero x (P6122):
  96. Mobicel Hero X (P9122):
  97. Mobicel Hero X MT6577 Status unknown
  98. Mobicel Hero X MT6582:
  99. Mobicel ICE: (ROM 1)  (ROM 2)
    Google acc reset:
  100. Mobicel Icon: (non-stock) Flash tool Not tested
  101. Mobicel Infinity Not tested
  102. Mobicel M1000:
    (Qmobile branded)
  103. Mobicel Matrix:
  104. Mobicel METRO (RDA v4.4):
  105. Mobicel METRO (SPD with Android v2.3):  (.bin ROM)  (.pac ROM)
  106. Mobicel Metro 2 (EMMC)
    (IMEI files – flash and rewrite original IMEI)
  107. Mobicel Metro 2 (NAND)
  108. Mobicel Neo LTE (v5.1)
  109. Mobicel Nitro reset tools:
    Reset files:
    Reset tool guide:
  110. Mobicel Omega X (P7800Q):
  111. Mobicel Onyx
  112. Mobicel Play:
  113. Mobicel Plum Tablet:
    Google reset tool:
  114. Mobicel PURE
    Google acc reset tool
  115. Mobicel PURE MININot tested
  116. Mobicel Rainbow: (5.1 ROM)  (6.0 ROM)
  117. Mobicel Retro:
  118. Mobicel RushStatus unknown
  119. Mobicel Samba
  120. Mobicel Sapphire Status unknown
  121. Mobicel Scarlet:
  122. Mobicel Shift   TWRP RecoveryNot tested
    Google reset tool:
  123. Mobicel Solo (Dual SIM):
  124. Mobicel Sonic (Wiko Branded)
  125. Mobicel Switch
  126. Mobicel Trendy (MTK)  TWRP Recovery
    Google acc reset tool:
  127. Mobicel Trendy (SPD .pac):
    Google acc reset tool:
  128. Mobicel Trip:
  129. Mobicel U2Not tested
  130. Mobicel Vega:
  131. Mobicel Venus:
  132. Mobicel Vivo (Dual SIM)  CMW Recovery TWRP Recovery
  133. Mobicel Vivo: (Single SIM)  CMW Recovery  TWRP Recovery
  134. Mobicel Vivo (Google acc reset)
  135. MobiWire Halona:
    Google reset tool:
  136. MTN Steppa SP355AWGNot tested
    Boot file:
  137. MTN Steppa 2:  (Tutorial)  Extra files:
  138. MTN Steppa 2 LTE:
    Fastboot driver:
    Start with a reset steps:
  139. Nefsurfer Dual 7 PRO FMT-NM7116-01
  140. Netsurfer Dual 8 (FMT-NT8A42-01)Status unknown
  141. Netsurfer Dual Slim FMT-NT7A42-01:
  142. Netsurfer FMT-NM7054-01 (Stock)  (Non-Stock)
  143. Netsurfer FMT-NM7058-02Status unknown
  144. Netsurfer Sharp FMT-NM7058-03:
    Google account:
  145. Nexa Vega N1Status unknown
  146. Plus4/+4 Smart Touch:
    (Driver 32 bit)
    (Driver 32/64 bit)
    (Stock ROM)
  147. Plus4/+4 Q-Touch:
  148. Premio P500Not tested
  149. Premio P600Status unknown
  150. Premio P700Status unknown
  151. Premio p700VStatus unknown
  152. Premio P1000Not tested
  153. Prestigio Multipad PMT3037/PMT3038 3GStatus unknown
  154. Proline SV-701:
    Proline SV-701 PTEST MODE v1.41 Solution:
  155. Proline XV-401:
  156. Proline XV-501
  157. Samsung J105F TWRP root File:
  158. SANSUI ETAB M7023G v1.1:
  159. Sansui Etab M7023G MT6572 (v20):
    use this ‘ROM’ file instead if you get an inverted touchscreen after flashing:
  160. SANSUI ETAB S7042G:
  161. Sinotec M735
  162. Sinotec M1015Not tested
  163. Sinotec S7200:   (Sinotec Branded2)  (Non Sinotec Branded)
  164. Stylus ETAB M7023G MT6582:  (stock)  (non-stock)Not tested
  165. SuperSU:
  166. Swag Expert 703:
  167. Sync 5ZStatus unknown
  168. Telefunken TEL1013GIQ:
  169. Telefunken TEL-1013GIQA:
  170. Telefunken Tel-73GIQS V2.5.1: D4Not tested
  171. Telefunken Tel-73GIQS v2.5.2 D2
  172. Telefunken TEL-73GIQS v2.5.2 D4:  (non-stock)
  173. Telefunken TEL93GINot tested
  174. Telefunken TelC-1013GIQP (.pac):
  175. Telefunken TELC-73GIQ:   Software flashing:
  176. Telefunken TEL73GI (C706D v2 512 MT6572)
  177. Telefunken TEL73GI (MZ706D v2 512 MT6582)
  178. Telefunken TELC-93GIQNot tested
  179. Verssed Motion E1.1
  180. Verssed Platinum VP.1Not tested
  181. Verssed Motion E1.1 (E11   Board ID K7-MB-V2.2)
  182. Vodacome Boost Tablet 7″ (Non-stock:
  183. Vodacom Tribe Halona:
    Google reset tool:
  184. Vodafone Smart Tab 3G:
  185. Vodafone Smart Tab 2 3G (VFD1100):
    Google acc reset:  VFD1100 TWRP
  186. Vodafone Power Tab 10 VF1296:     Google reset tool:
  187. Vodafone Power Tab 10 VF1296 (TWRP):
  188. Vodafone Smart First 6 VF695:
  189. Vodafone Smart Grand VF696:  TWRP Custom Recovery:   Google Account reset:
  190. Vodafone Smart Kicka 2 VFD200 ROM
    Network Unlock Pack         IMEI repairs
    Google acc reset tool:
  191. Vodafone Smart Kicka VE VFD100
    Google acc reset  CWM Recovery
  192. Vodafone Smart Kicka VF685
  193. Vodafone Smart Mini 7 (VFD300):
    Google acc reset tool  VDF300 TWRP Recovery:
  194. Vodafone Smart Speed V795:   Preloader:   Google acc reset:
  195. Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 VFD500:
    Google acc reset:
  196. Volkano A730 7-Inch:
  197. ZTE Blade C310:  (ROM 1)  (ROM 2)  Guide:
  198. ZTE Blade L2 1SIM:
  199. ZTE Grand X2:
  200. ZTE Kis II V790:
  201. ZTE Maxx:
  202. ZTE Switch X1 (SD card format):
  203. ZTE Switch X2
  204. ZTE V795L

Gtel file links

  1. Gtel A7155 X4 Mini
  2. Gtel A717 Explorer
  3. Gtel A770 XL7 (Stock) (Non-stock)
  4. Gtel A7000 X1
  5. Gtel A727 Infinity Pro
  6. Gtel A715 Inspire One
  7. Gtel A716 Inspire Life
  8. Gtel A705s
  9. Gtel A706 Infinity
  10. Gtel A703i
  11. Gtel A704 Inspire X
  12. Gtel A704i
  13. Gtel A713 Vivo Pro
  14. Gtel A703S
  15. Gtel A7101 X3 Mini
  16. Gtel X2
  17. Gtel A750 Explora
  18. Gtel A726 Infinity Lite
  19. Gtel A728 XP2
  20. Gtel A737 ExploraZ
  21. Gtel A770 SL8 Pro
  22. Gtel A7150 X4

Astro File Links

  1. Astro Bullet 5
  2. Astro Mercury
  3. Astro Mercury Tab 7
  4. Astro Ibho XY


  • Files marked as ‘Not tested‘¬† are files that has not been tested since sourced/extracted
  • Files marked as ‘Status unknown‘ are files that have been requested by other technicians who never communicated the flash results (nor complained)