Telefunken TELC-93GIQ firmware/ROM (.pac)

R30 / $2.00 (or 1 credits)

  • TELC-93GIQFirmware/ROM/Flash file
  • This file results in a bootloop so far ROM (we do not offer email support for tested ROMs)
  • Not SP Tool ready since it is a SpreadTrum/SPRD
  • Flasher & Driver Included
  • NB. This file results in a bootloop so far. We are trying to source a better copy thereon
  • File link is R55/R60 in airtime
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • For ROMs not marked as 'Malware verified', install and scan the device with the Malwarebytes app after flashing. Read more on this here

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Flashing steps

  1. Download and extract the ROM and the SPD Upgrade Tool
  2. Install the USB to Serial drivers and disable Digital signature verification if necessary (Win 7 or newer – 64 but only)
  3. Load the SPD Upgrade tool using the ResearchDownload.exe
  4. Load the .pac ROM file under the one gear icon button
  5. Click the two gear icon button and click Backup and remove all check maks there and click Ok
  6. Click the play/start button
  7. Make sure the tablet is fully off (you may need to disconnect and reconnect one battery cable to be sure the tab is fully off
  8. Connect the tab while pressing the Vol- and Vol+)
  9. The flashing should soon start (or else see step 2) and run for a few minutes with a blue progress bar and you get ‘Passed’ when all is done
  10. Get support on this here: