Verssed Platinum VP3 firmware/ROM (MSM8916)

R30 / $3.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Verssed Platinum VP3 firmware/ROM flashable via Fastboot and CM2
  • To be tested soon (We do not offer email support tested ROMs)
  • Non SP Flash Tool ROM format as the device is Qualcomm based
  • File size 509MB
  • Instructions & driver to be included
  • Please NOTE that there is currently no proven flash strategy for this VP3 as yet except with CM2. It should be possible with fastboot but we had not tried out booting into this mode to allow flashing yet
  • File link is R55/R60 in airtime
  • NB. File pending malware scan -so do see the note below
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • For ROMs not marked as 'Malware verified', install and scan the device with the Malwarebytes app after flashing. Read more on this here

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The ROM file can be flashed through CM2 or Infinity or The ADB/Fastboot CMD tool. Steps for the latter strategy are available here: