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Why choose us

Here are some reasons why you may consider to choose SAROMs

  1. We have been offering this service type since around 2016 (nearly 5 years of industry experience)
  2. We mark files individually as tested or not – so you can better decide if your device is defect or if it could be a file issue
  3. While service quantity is matters to every business, we do not neglect service quality (which is valued by customers).
  4. We generally offer a cheaper per file link rate – be it through single file link or credits tier.
  5. We mount and scan our ROMs’ system.img for malware apks (common on Android 6 and older) with Avast.
  6. Get real time support via Whatsapp (if you use that), Email or here.
  7. Saroms is operated by a strict Christian – this meaning that users can expect to benefit from all Christian-enforced ethics such as: honesty, fairness, equality, kindness, love/charity, caring, diligence, etc.