SAROMs generally offer links to backup firmware files specific largely to most low-end, off-brand Android devices marketed in South Africa. These are devices for which’s backup firmware or ROM files are normally not provisioned for by their distributors – whether due to neglect or to the thought that the target market is expected to be made up of individuals to whom firmware reloading should be overly daunting (even if they may own a computer which is normally integral in the process). And below are answers to some major questions it’s stakeholders may have regarding the services offered:

Could you describe your service in one sentence?
I link you to your device’s backup firmware/ROM for a small fee
Why are your airtime donation amounts steeper than cash?
Do you offer walk through or support on flashing?
What happens if flashing your linked file yields undesired results?
Why do you sell the ROM links and not share them FREE like several others?
Can I call or Whatsapp you maybe?
Who exactly are you?
If I order a link, download the file and later loose the file, can I make another free download again?
After flashing my MTK device, the IMEI reads: Invalid what should I do?
How fast do you get notified when a ROM order is placed?
What is your service/working hours?
Where do you source firmware/ROM files for which links you offer?

Disclaimer (as a Christian): Several of these backup ROMs come preloaded with applications (user or system), presets, etc that may be partly compromised or entirely reprobate, in light of Christian ethics.  Sharing ROM files that are thus preloaded never suggest endorsement on my part for as many such apps. Device owners are to keep, disable or remove such apps at their own discretion. And yes whenever practical, I aim to remove or replace as many such apps.

Either than this, my intervention is solely to offer core mobile computing platform maintenance – without assuming (whether direct or implied) responsibility on what computing applications device owners execute thereon thereafter. A fuller account is available on the diary entry here.