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Paypal method ended

Paypal belives saroms services are partly in violation of their policy and therefore can no longer allow us to use their services. Clients will need to use alternative methods and contact to discuss new paypment methods they may have available. And we shall see if we can accepts them. Regards

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Flashing or unbricking

I offer to try and unbrick the following models for you for free remotely or you could send the device to me via courier. You may contact from here. I offer to do it for free because the measures to be used are not fully tested yet.

  • Mobicel R1 Plus MTK
  • Vodacom Smart Kicka 4 Plus
  • Vodacom Smart Kicka 5
  • Mobicel R7 MTK
  • Hisense Infinity E6 (F16)
  • Stylo S551
  • Premio P530

I may be able to assist with any other bricked secure boot device not listed above for free. Kindly contact to check.