EcoCash subtotals to now include a 200% markup

NOTICE: EcoCash checkout currently unavailable. Please kindly use any other available gateways. Also do consider the files swapping option here.


EcoCash exchange rate markup

  • Due to the current USD to EcoCash exchange rate differences, we sadly have had to apply a markup of 200% to the file prices.
  • The subtotal including the said markup will only be seen once redirected to EcoCash.
  • We tried to make this modification as early as the rate began to differ considerably but were limited by our systems.
  • This was most necessary because we share the EcoCash proceeds 50/50 with Mr Mutero who is my ZIM agent
  • We will try to monitor the exchange rate and adjust the markup percentage accordingly.
  • Yes you can kindly inform us should you find our markup overstated at anytime [and of cause we would appreciate if you could do the same if finding it understated but we doubt any will 🙂 ]. Appologies for any inconveniences.

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