Rom files Swapping

If you have any ROM, flash file or firmware file that appears on the list below, then I am happy to swap for it for any file of your choice from my list/collection at a “file for file” ratio. The list below is subject to expansion. You can please contact from here regarding the swap.

Preferred ROM Formats

  • MTK ROMs should please be in scatter .txt or .bin format
  • Spreadtrum in a .pac (CM2 sc.pac also possible) or .bin format
  • Qualcomm ROMs should be in ADB format or QFIL
  • AllWinner ROMs should be in a .img format
  • Intel ROMs should be in a Flash.xml format

ROMs or flash Files I Currently Need

  1. AG Freedom E
  2. AG Freedom E-TAB
  3. AG Freedom LTE
  4. Boost Moova Shuffle (SPD or Spreadtrum)
  5. Hisense HS-F21
  6. Hurricane Ace
  7. Hurricane Chirp
  8. Hurricane Cobra
  9. Hurricane Curve
  10. Hurricane Fuel
  11. Hurricane Giga (SPD or MTK)
  12. Hurricane Glaze
  13. Hurricane Onyx
  14. Hurricane S43
  15. Hurricane Slam
  16. Hurricane Splash
  17. Hurricane Sting
  18. Hurricane Swift
  19. Hurricane Vortex
  20. Hurricane Vulcan
  21. K-LITE NEXT M1 (signed)
  22. Mint Fox (M3CRD) Dual SIM version
  23. Mobicel Echo V03 Single SIM
  24. Mobicel Pulse (full backup or scatter text file)
  25. Mobicel Rave
  26. Mobicel Sapphire (stock)
  27. Mobicel Shift 2
  28. Premio p530 (Signed)
  29. Proline H10882M (I have H10882M-NT)
  30. Sinotec S700 (not S7200)
  31. Stylo S551 (Signed)
  32. Tecno Volt SV451
  33. Telefunken TELC-93GIQ (stock)
  34. Telefunken TELP-1013KBC
  35. Vodafone Smart Tab N8 (Signed)
  36. VFD320 or Vodafone Smart C9 (Signed)