I have been trying to cross over to game development and animation for the past 2 years+ and it may finally be time to entirely do so now.


Around R10K for now. The price may go up due to higher offers. Lower offers will be short listed.


All things remains normal and services are operational until the site is finally sold. If the sales should for some reasons fail (or be revoked), I should continue to run the site until further notice.

Credits balance

Credits balances should be passed on to the new owner(s). So it is still OK to buy credits during the possible sales

Monthly revenue

The highest average monthly earnings at some point was R10K but that has changed perhaps due to my having been unwell since early 2020 (recovering now it seems) as well as juggling the game and animations projects with it.

Running costs

The site has files + site hosting totaling to around R300 per month (was R440 until recent downgrades)

Software stack used

The sate is WordPress based and powered by a WordPress store plugin.

More info

You may contact for more information