Important Malware Notice


  • What other measure you can adopt is to install Malwarebytes soon after reloading any of our ROMs that is not marked as “Malware verified ๐Ÿ˜€ ” under the ROM details and run a scan. Let us know if there should be any malware detected that Malwarebyte is unable to remove and we will assist with an alternate recourse. Reporting any ROM file from which a malware app is detected will also be greatly appreciated.
  • It has also come to my attention that some budget Chinese devices actually ship out with these malware APKs preloaded as system apps from factory.
  • I have otherwise resolved not to enlist any new ROM or firmware file prior to running a malware scan – clean and repack any that is found infected.ย  Yes the same work was undertaken on files that are already listed and I mark as many files as I ascertain as ‘Malware verified ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘

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It recently (11/06/2017) came to my attention that one of my files would come infected with a malware app (in the system.img file) capable of downloading other malware, adware and stealing information when installed and granted data connection. While I have only received two malware reports from clients to date, only one of the two cases proved be truly a file fault (the Dunns AT1001). The other file allegedly reported to be infected was the Mobicel Candy (MTK chipset) but the little information we got appeared to suggest that the client’s device came infected and he simply did not format prior to flashing. He was enraged over all and hence it was difficult to gather any more info from him.

Either than that, I have not receive any other malware report on the same file since it was listed on the site (which was around mid-last year).ย P.S The same file was recently scanned and unlike the AT1001, it came out clean with no single malware apk picked by the scan. The Dunns AT1001 was only listed in September 2016 and requested a couple of times but none of the clients came back to report the presence of the said malware app/apk. I am therefore using this notice to present an official report-invitation if such issue is ever encountered. These malware can be often picked up by connecting the device to Wifi or inserting a SIM with active data connection after flashing. I will also labour to mark files as: ‘Malware verified ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘ as I shall ascertain each. Yes the Dunns AT1001 was taken off the shelf and kept off until a replacement file was sourced. Because I have not received any report on all other files, I will have to assume that they are clean until found otherwise. Especially since most of them have be shared with over 10 clients each approximately.

While a few of our files are manufacturer-fresh, the majority are normally extracted from devices my suppliers receives for service (typical service-type is resetting lost/forgotten passwords).ย Well, this is sadly how most files on the internet are sourced (especially for low-end devices which happens to be this site’s prime focus). Without which you would likely be forced to either scrap or throw your budget smartphone into the drawer the day its system crashes – as not many distributors of entry-level devices care to make backup firmware files accessible to the general public. Hence the suggested corporation should hopefully ensure that not only are rare files preserved but made available in their purest form.

A measure should also be adopted to ensure that only files that are malware checked are listed on site. To report malware related issue therefore, please reply to any of the 2 emails you received received when an order is placed. General issues are still handled here:


Something to chew on

  • Wondering why several other sites do not charge a penny for firmware download links they make available? Well virtually all those sites sell ads (through Google Adsense, Adfly or similar ad networks). An amount is credited onto their accounts each time you interact with an advertisement on their website – leaving them with a far higher RIO (ROI meaning Return On Investment). Yes some advertisers pay just to have their ads seen and not only when clicked upon.
  • Wondering why I do not sell ads instead and thereby boost up my lower RIO even from penniless visitors? Well I did – until I learned that the business of selling ads often contravene with Christian ethics – mainly from either the nature of media used on some ad banners or some of the goods/services advertised onsite. Even the filtering system of Google Adsense (who is probably the #1 ad network) could not satisfy the standard I believe Christian Ethics called for.