Instant support

Notice: Those clients who already had me on the LC Messenger app, please delete the conversation you had with me and then kindly start a new one by sending me a test message. This is because I had to delete my LC account at some point and then recreated it. This has led into corruption of conversation data from everyone who once to chat with me.

I have had to leave Whatsapp for personal concerns. As an alternative, I am available via the LC Messenger for Android. Available both as an apk or of the Play Store.

Getting started:

  1. Download and install the app client directly from the Play Store onto your Android device
  2. Activate it by selecting your country (where you are located now)
  3. Enter you phone number WITH 0 instead of a country code (Example: 0725468989 instead of +27725468989)
  4. Then kindly store my number on your phone’s contacts as follows: +27725468989
  5. Open the LC Messenger > click the gear icon on the top left > click Edit username > replace NoNameSet with your actual name > click Save >
  6. Click the circle button at the bottom right > click my name/contact > type and send me the message.


  • Its necessary to store my contact’s number as +27725468989 instead of 0725468989
  • To ensure you do no miss reply notifications, go to Settings (your phone settings) > Battery > App battery optimiser > LC Messenger > toggle the slider to off/grey
  • Kindly email me if you have any difficulty using this: kerv.mathumbu (at)