Instant support

I have had to leave Whatsapp some months back for Christian related concerns. I now use a custom built messenger available as a downloadable *apk so far.

Getting started:

  1. Download and install the apk onto your Android device
  2. Activate it by selecting your country (where you are located now)
  3. Enter you phone number WITH 0 instead of a country code (Example: 0725468989 instead of +27725468989)
  4. Then store my number on your phone’s contacts as follows: +27725468989
  5. Open the LC Messenger > click the gear icon on the top left > click Edit username > replace NoNameSet with your actual name > click Save >
  6. Click the circle button at the bottom right > click my name/contact > type and send me the message.


  • Its necessary to store my contact’s number as +27725468989 instead of 0725468989
  • To ensure you do no miss reply notifications, go to Settings (your phone settings) > Battery > App battery optimiser > LC Messenger > toggle the slider to off/grey
  • Kindly email me if you have any difficulty using this: kerv.mathumbu (at)