Fondi 7″ Tablet Firmware/ROM (With board ID: AL_MT8312CW_706S_D8_V20)

$2.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Non-Stock Fondi 7″ with MT6572 Chipset and Board ID:  AL_MT8312CW_706S_D8_V20 – You need to open the tablet’s back cover to find this out.
  • The firmware is non-Fondi branded (but that is just the boot logo, UI and animation)
  • Tested/Approved (We do not offer email support for tested ROMs)
  • An SP Tool Ready ROM
  • Firmware, ROM or Flash file
  • File size is 301MB
  • Untick ‘uboot’ or ‘lk’ before flashing or the touch may not work. Post here if you need help with flashing (preferably before doing anything)
  • NB. Never flash the ‘Preloader.bin’ unless if you must and really know what you are doing/trying 🙂
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