Hisense U40 firmware or ROM (HLTE103E.30-H5 CM2 + Pac)

$3.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Hisense U40 firmware or ROM – for variant HLTE103.30-H5 with Android 10
  • Stock firmware/ROM or flash file
  • SPD Flash Tool ready file (pac format) – CM2 format included
  • To be tested anytime (kindly report if any issue)
  • For customer models: HLTE103E.30-H5)
  • File size is 1GB files
  • NB. The price is R35 (SA & Lesotho), MWK3000 ,200MT
  • Malware verified (Avast scanned)
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How to flash the Hisense U40 firmware or ROM 

The current file is in CM2 format and those who use this service tool should already know how to proceed with file flashing. Once we have a pac file published we should also feture steps on how to flash that below. Yes this model comes in multiple variants termed customer code, so it is important to double check your variant or customer code  prior to proceed with the flashing.

Below are steps you can follow the reload or flash a firmware onto the Hisense U40 aka HLTE103E (HLTE103E.30-H5 variant):

  1. Download the flashtool (SPD_Upgrade_Tool)  from here: https://mega.nz/file/LcoThQKZ#Bb_qdaYWwDvd6wfdBLLhbg_YGuY04L6gr18J4IiUjME  and extract it
  2. Download and install the Spreadtrum driver here: https://mega.nz/file/gPYAQIoZ#kyUqAVFnTS9JGeIruvJwbl5NMAIv3Lr4YIRkE6FVxZQ
  3. Then open up the extracted SPD_Upgrade_Tool or flashtool folder > then double-click the file with a black chip and two green arrows icon
  4. From the running flashtool UI > click on the gear icon on the far left > browse to and load the Hisense U40 pac firmware file by double clicking on it – it can take up to a minute or two
  5. Then click the Play like icon (Start Downloading)
  6. Remove and replace the battery – then connect the Hisense U40 device with volume down held down
  7. The downloading should start with a blue bar – at which stage you can release the volume down key > different partitioned will be flashed and you get a green ‘Passed’ when all is done
  8. At which stage click the Stop icon (Square)
  9. Disconnect and power up the device – remove and replace the battery and then power the Hisense U40 device on as normal
  10. It can take a little longer to boot up after a flash (no more than 5 minutes though).

NB. If you need remote assistance using this file, then you could go here to learn of your options (we charge a minimum of R50 for the service).