Mobicel Hype Triggered FRP Tool (SP Flash Tool)

R30 / $3.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Mobicel Hype Triggered FRP or Google Account Verifications reset tool
  • Tested/Approved (We do not offer email support for tested ROMs)
  • SP Flash Tool ready tool pack
  • NB. Please be sure to proceed as per the included guide
  • NB. You need to hold a boot key (vol-) during connection for the included DA to work
  • File size <2MB
  • R100 in airtime OR R30/$3 Cash
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • Extract your file(s) with 7zip available here
  • Kindly ignore any internet links/shortcuts inside the extracted folder
  • For ROMs not marked as 'Malware verified :D', install and scan the device with the Android Malwarebytes app after flashing. Read more on this here
  • and contact should you need help.
  • Not all files have a flash tool included - but you can request one anytime from here
  • For files not marked as Tested/Approved, kindly take a backup whenever you can
  • Need any other help using the file? Avail free support here

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This is the Mobicel Hype treiggered FRP or Google account Verification. You can find the full stock ROM here: The tool is compatible with the SP Flash Tool and there are insructions included. Post any question you may have on using this file here:

NB. The download agent (or boot file) and frp file should also work on Wiko View Lite & BQ BQru-5515L