Mobicel Oreo (VIBE_OREO) Firmware Os v11 DUMP

$4.00 (or 2 credits)

  • Mobicel Oreo With rectangular Battery
  • Running on android 11 based on SC7331E
  • CM22E_OREO_V02_20220720_1241
  • The firmware can be used to flash your device using Pandora Box only
  • How To Flash : Select Spreadtrum, Select CPU (SC7731E), Select Flash, Select- Restore from Backup, Highlight All File & Select Tap, Connect device
  • Pandora Dump ( Can be flashed using pandora only)
  • The file can also fix any device issue
  • Testing (please report if there is any issue)
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Selected model: Spreadtrum Spreadtrum

Operation: Read Flash Info

Software version: 6.1

Work ID: 14513863


Connect phone in BROM mode. Use volume key buttons or testpoint.

Waiting for device… OK

Device found at COM8

Port: USB\VID_1782&PID_4D00\5&21308AC3&0&2

Driver: [UNISOC Communications Inc.,sprdvcom,SPRD U2S Diag,sprdvcom.sys,]

Port type: BROM

Connecting to device… OK

Selected processor: SC7731E

Load files… (universal) OK

Connect preloader 1… OK

Connect preloader 2… OK

Connect loader 1… OK

Connect loader 2… OK

Serial Number: CM22E0401MB050007071

Read partitions info… OK

Checking A/B state… OK [A]

Read product info… [EXT4] … OK

Product Brand : Mobicel

Product Manufacturer : Mobicel

Product Model : VIBE

Product Name : VIBE_OREO

Product Device : VIBE

Product Board : sp7731e_1h10

Board Platform : sp7731e

Build ID : RP1A.201005.001

Build Date : Wed Jul 20 11:26:35 CST 2022

Display ID : CM22E_OREO_V02_20220720_1241

Security Patch : 2022-07-05

Version SDK : 30

Version Release : 11

Version Codename : REL

Firmware Version : 29335

Userdata FS Type : F2FS