Mobicel Vibe Firmware SPD android 11 (Pac+CM2) Updated

$4.00 (or 2 credits)

  • Stock firmware/ROM or flash file
  • Running on android 11 based on sc7731e Soc
  • N.B. PAC and CM2 file Works Only on and below
  • CM22P_MTN_VIBE_V06_20211203_2045  and Version CM22P_MTN_VIBE_V12_20231011_1513  for both PAC and CM2 are now included
  • With the PAC, Some devices are experiencing flash light, camera and Bluetooth issues. issues now have been fixed
  • Pandora File is also included (CM22P_MTN_VIBE_V12_20231011_1513)
  • File is also Network unlocked
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  • Tested and Approved
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