MTN Steppa 2 (5982C3) ROM/firmware


  • MTN Steppa 2 (5982C3 or MTN-TBW5982C3) NOT to be confused with MTN Steppa 2 LTE (4.5″)
  • Non SP Tool since the device is not an MTK but Qualcomm
  • Tested/Approved (System file recently modified – so kindly report any issu)
  • NB. Flash the system file first and then try booting up and observe as that is all you normally need 🙂
  • Stock ROM, Firmware or Flash File (Image flashable via Fastboot)
  • File size is 409MB
  • Malware verified (Avast scanned)
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We have separate partition images like: Boot, recovery, system, cache, etc. flashable via Fastboot. Only ‘system.img’ is included here though because the is normally all you need to revive an MTN Steppa 2 stuck on the Qualcomm screen. The extra ROM files are included but flash the system file and check first before try out the other filels. This is a Qualcomm based device so it uses nether scatter nor SP Tool.