Telefunken TEL-73GIQA firmware/ROM (SC7731e v8.1)

R30 / $3.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Telefunken TEL-73GIQA with SC7731e SoC and Android 8.1
  • To be tested anytime (You may report any issue)
  • SPD Upgrade Tool ready ROM (.pac)
  • Flasher & Driver Included
  • File size is 100MB
  • NB. This pac requires a tablet that can still bootloop (and not a dead one) because it is necessary to backup the splloader or uboot-spl.bin file first. Please contact and I should gladly guide you. No need for a special tool or box… a computer alone should be sufficient as we use the free SPD tool
  • R55 in airtime OR R30/$3 Cash
  • Always verify that the IMEI remained the same after every full firmware reload. Dial *#06# to view it - and repair/restore it if necessary
  • Extract your file(s) with 7zip available here
  • Kindly ignore any internet links/shortcuts inside the extracted folder
  • For ROMs not marked as 'Malware verified :D', install and scan the device with the Android Avast app after flashing. Read more on this here
  • and contact should you need help.
  • Not all files have a flash tool included - but you can request one anytime from here
  • For files not marked as Tested/Approved, kindly take a backup whenever you can
  • Need any other help using the file? Avail free support here
  • Or you may let us help you flash your device (remotely or by mail) from R100. Click here for more info

Kindly email to order this file (may take upto 1hr).

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