Service Disclaimer

If you are reading this, then chances are your device was serviced using one of the rom files we distribute. Since saroms is a Christian operated service, we must make the following disclaimer over our files distribution service.

Some of the ROMs offered may contain preinstalled applications or settings that I cannot vouch for, for Christian ethics related reasons. Providing firmware that contain these does not suggest that I condone the use of such applications. Device users can disable, use or uninstall all these at their own discretion. It is core Android OS maintenance service I intend to offer – and what the user does thereon should be entirely at their at own discretion.

On certain ROMs, I have (or do) attempted to remove some of these potentially ‘offending’ applications. And you may on such modified files receive an error during boot stating that the your device have an internal problem – especially on Android 8.1 based ROMs (you may ignore this error as it is normally nothing serious and tirggered by the said modifications). As well, on some models (perhaps all Android 6+), you may not be able to receive further OTA updates (due to modifications done on the system and vendor images).

As of now, I am holding back from modifying MTK secure boot ROM files as this tend to render them unfit for simple SP Tool based flashing. I may however decide to modify them as well should wisdom prove to be. I am also unable to modify successfully all Android 10+ based devices that uses the super.img file and therefore ROM files are offered in their stock state. These will therefore mostly likely come containing applications that I would have pre-removed. Again this therefore does not suggest that I in anyway recommend or condone the use of any such apps. What happens to such apps is still at the owner/user’s discretion. And parent’s responsibilities to implement necessary parental control measures if the device is to be handed to a child user.

Purchase of any saroms offered files or flashing service will then be taken that you agree to this disclaimer.