Software Reloading

Below are the terms and conditions relating to the ‘Software Reloading’ service offer

  1. A R100 firmware-reload fee is charged per device
  2. The R100 fee is payable in advance (prior to the service offering)
  3. You need to have access to a computer and your computer needs to have access to the internet
  4. I connect to your PC remotely via the internet for both for both preliminary setups and reloading execution using a remote client called ‘UltraViewer‘ which you will need to install on your PC and share the ID and 4 digits password
  5. You however need to be available on your end during this time so be able to establish connection of the device to the PC in due time
  6. The entire process should take no more than 30 minutes if all requirement are provisioned for before hand
  7. On rare occasions, reloading a firmware can leave your device on a more worse condition than its current. This is normally due to bad firmware packs (these can be files that have yet to be tested) or it may mean that the device has a hardware related fault as opposed to a software fault.
  8. The service fee is to be deposited to: FNB, Kervin Mathumbu, Acc# 62675751715, Branch# 260509 – Use your first name & surname as the ref.
  9. You will need to add a in-branch deposition fee should you choose to make your service fee payment inside a bank branch as opposed to EFT/ATM.
  10. If you understand and agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions, then please contact to book a remote reloading service

Plea: Due to considerable work-load, please only contact when you are fully decided to order the service offer in question