Mobicel X4 FRP or Google Verification reset tool pack (*.pac)

$3.00 (or 1 credits)

  • Mobicel X4 FRP or Google Account verification reset tool pack
  • Tested/Approved (We do not offer email support for tested ROMs)
  • For the full ROM, for here
  • SPD Upgrade Tool ready pack
  • The recommended flasher tool for the *pac reset file is inclded
  • NB. File not tested yet but expected to work
  • Warning: Flash the *.pac file using strictly the included SPD flasher tool version
  • File size 10MB
  • NB. The price is R35 (SA & Lesotho), MWK3000 ,200MT
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This a tiny .pac file bult specially for resetting a triggered FRP or Google account verification off the Mobicel X4 if the credentials to the previously synced account as lost. Below is a brief guide on how you can flash it

  1. Download and extract both the flasher and reset pac
  2. Lounch the SPD Upgrade flasher tool and load the small pac
  3. Click the play button
  4. Remove and replace the battery
  5. Press the Vol- key and connect the Mobice X4 to the computer via a USB cable
  6. The flashing will then begin and last for few moments
  7. You then get a green ‘passed’ text
  8. And this stage you can unplug the Mobicel X4 and power it up
  9. And then re-set it up as the previous Google account should then be dettached